Lord Commander of the Witchhunters - Green

The most fierce and feared of all the witchhunters is their Lord Commander, sometimes referred to as the Witchhunter General. The model is a bit of a collaboration between two sculptors, as the basic horse blank and armoured body are the ones done by FP, that also serve as the basis for the mounted knights and the additional detail is sculpted over that by Mick Darpa who did the footknights and witchhunters.

A close up of just the rider, with his pet raven.

I initially wanted the horse to be a singlepiece casting, but when I checked with the mouldmaker, he was of the opinion that it would be too wide and wouldn't cast properly (which I guess is why these type of barded horses in metal are usually multipart). Not wanting to go the split in the middle route I tried to work out a way to keep the naked horse body one piece and the barding separate. As the thin barding pieces from the mounted knights presented their own challenges in moulding, I wanted more solid pieces, which meant reducing the bulk of the horse body. Fingers crossed that it will all work out as planned in moulding.


More Witchhunter Greens and an Update on the Human Footknights of the Great Bear

It's been a while since the last update, so first things first, the current state of affairs regarding the human bearknights on foot that were previewed some months ago. They have been mastermoulded and the mastercastings all came out perfect, so this weekend I will spend some time cleaning mouldlines off the masters to prepare them for production moulding. If all goes well, they may be available in greater quantities next month.

Meanwhile, I had Mick Darpa slaving away at the next set of figures which are three Witchhunter/Daemonhunters to complement the earlier Witchhunter/Vampirehunter set. I was so pleased with the first set, that I had to do a couple more and here they are.

The first character is a Daemonhunter holding up a freshly acquired trophy, the head of a large beastman champion that he has slain. The God of Death will look favourably on his servant.

The second is a female witchhunter in sensible armour (read: no breastshaped breastplates, fashionable thin waist or high heeled armoured boots). She's holding up a decree proclaiming the witchhunter's mission and powers, while casually resting a hand on a holstered pistol, implying "or else...". In my head, I call this one "We have a warrant!"

The last one is a specialised daemonhunter, going after those who would spread plague and disease in the realm. He is wearing a mask filled with herbs to keep away disease and carries a torch to burn the afflicted.

There you have it. I hope to be able to mould this soon, so you won't have to wait as long on the next update.


Dwarf Knights of the Great Bear - TAG Kickstarter

Some of you may remember the greens I posted almost a year ago for the Dwarf footknights of the order of the Great Bear. It seems like good timing that, shortly after I posted the greens for their human counterparts, I can now announce that the dwarf footknights will join the rest of my former dwarf range at The Assault Group, who are running a 4 day long kickstarter to release them right now:


Brilliantly sculpted by the lovely John Pickford and gorgeously painted by Paul Sanderson.

I will let the pictures of the painted figures speak for themselves:


Knights of the Great Bear Greens - More pictures

I received some better looks at the figures from yesterday's post from the sculptor, so feast your eyes on these:

The Champion of the Order

The (first) 5 rank and file knights:

The Musician and Standard bearer


Knights of the Great Bear on foot - Greens

Mick Darpa has delivered another set of (in my opinon) characerful sculpts with an oldschool bent. This is another set of knights templar (on foot). These belong to the order of the Great Bear. They are wearing heavy fur cloaks, made from the skins of bears they killed themselves and wield impressive great hammers that strike fear in the hearts of their enemies just by looking at them.

The champion of the unit looks unimpressed by the enemy. He'll lift his hammer when they get close enough to smell their breaths... The bearhead adorning his helmet could also be painted differently to represent a particularly ugly direwolf if you prefer.

The musician goes into battle armed with a "small" warhammer, to keep his other hand free in case his needs to blow his horn.

The proud standard of the unit. No frills, just a carved bear's head to show what they are about.

The first 5 rank and file Great Bear templar. I will post more pictures from different angles when I get them. A second set of rank and file figures, with bare heads, will be converted from these after moulding.


New Human Character Greens - Graf's Wife and White Knight

While you've been introduced before to the Graf's lovely daughters, we were yet to encounter their stepmother, the Graf's new wife. Noone really knows where she came from, though she herself says she descends from a royal lineage and claims the title of "Queen of Hearts". Tensions have been running high between the Graf's daughters and their stepmother...

 Model sculpted by Shane Hoyle.
 Another mysterious character has been roaming the land off late. This ageing knight is clad in shiny white armour, with a helmet shaped after a horse's head and carries some frankly odd equipment. Upon mention of his presence in the Empire, it is said the Graf's new wife reacted with visible shock, suggesting perhaps that this White Knight may have traveled from the same place whence she came. If that is the case, it does not appear as if that news was a welcome one...


Painted Witchhunters

These aren't mine unfortunately, but I couldn't resist showing off this painted set of the witchhunters, by German hobbyist Jan Niehues. They really look splendid in colour!

Shameless plug: there are some copies left in the Getting Some section. 


Fat halflings now rereleased by TAG (includes rooster riders and zombies)

It's with great pleasure I can announce my former renaissance "fat" halfling range is now available from the The Assault Group webstore. This includes the Rooster riders and the halfling zombies!



New releases - Witchhunters - Human footknights (White Boars and God of Death orders)

It's been a while since I had something new to offer, but the following have been added to the "Getting Some" page:

* WKM-90: Witchhunter retinue (sculpted by Mick Darpa) - £12

* WKM-91: Witchhunter Cleric (of the God of Death) - £4

* WKM-16: Order of the White Boar Footknights, with boar crests, morningstars and shields -  £13

* WKM-18: Templar Knights of the God of Death command, on foot - £10

* WKM-19: Templar Knights of the God of Death, on foot, with Skull/Raven crests and  greatswords  1 - £13 


Human Templar Knights of the God of Death Command - Greens

Looks like for some reason I forgot to upload these sculpts by Mick Darpa for the Command group for the Templar Knights of the God of Death. The rank and file were shown earlier here.

The Champion's helmet is inspired by the Lord model in the MB/GW Battlemasters game, always a favourite with me. He's sporting a cloack covered in Raven feathers, because he's special.

The musician is a sturdy fellow who can get away with having only a bird on his helmet to show his allegiance:

The standard bearer:

These are scheduled to be mastermoulded this week or the next, so productionmoulding hopefully won't be too far behind on both the command and the rank and file.